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You return to your Home, only to find it a crumbling ruin. On the road, you meet others making the same journey; each of you remembers Home differently. Together, you pick through the ruins of your old lives, piecing together an image of what Home used to be from the fragments that remain. What old memories will you find amongst the rubble?

What is The Fall of Home?

The Fall of Home is a rules light, GMless RPG system for 2-5 players. Gameplay takes the form of a collaborative, narrative-driven tale about growing up, leaving home, and the complex feelings that come with returning. 

Play over a single 2-4 hour session, depending on player count.

What do you get?

Download gets you an 11 page PDF with all the rules you need to play, including 6 character archetypes, or Walks. 

All you need to play is a set of polyhedral dice, plus a pen and paper for notes!

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorwintertide games
GenreRole Playing
Tagscollaborative, GM-Less, Narrative, One-shot


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Really excited to play this! I love the flexibility with which it can be adapted to different settings- I have so many ideas for settings