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It started with whispers, and half-heard rumour. A cataclysm. A great calamity. A town wiped off the map. You wouldn’t have cared, but for one fact; you knew this place. You grew up there. It couldn’t be true. You need to see it yourself. The journey home is long. On the way you meet others drawn - like you - by the word of Home’s destruction. You arrive, and are greeted only by the ruins.


Home is gone. The ruins and your memories remain.

The Fall of Home is a diceless, GMless collaborative storytelling game for 2-5 players, about the place you used to call home, leaving it behind, and returning.

It’s also a game about people, and how folks from a place can experience that place in wildly different ways. By picking through the ruins, together we will tell the story of Home, and why we ultimately left.

This is an updated version of The Fall of Home, made possible by the generous support of 416 Kickstarter backers, as part of Zine Month 2022. The original version of the game, re-released as The Fall of Home - Remants, is available for free here.

The Fall of Home is a 28-page PDF with all the rules you need to play, including 8 character archetypes and 4 preconstructed settings. 



  • The Fall of Home sets out to play with nostalgia, journey, closure, and the emotional concept of what 'home' means, and I think everyone who plays it will find out things about themselves and the other people they're playing with that they couldn't find anywhere else.
    Sophie From Mars, Video Essayist
  • The Fall of Home is a smart game with a big heart, and there is truly just so much to love about it. It's liquid silver poured into a thimble, it's a crisp autumn leaf blown in from the cold, it's a slumbering hearth that smells like family. This is a game that makes you yearn, that makes you want to wander just for the feeling of returning somewhere familiar. Not a word is wasted.
    Sylvan Lawrence, Clawhammer Games


The Fall of Home has an official soundtrack! You can purchase the album, composed by Molly Noise, on Bandcamp here!


A huge thanks to Toya Tsukagoshi, who has kindly translated The Fall of Home to Japanese and allowed me to share it here! 

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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