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Last Stop is solo journaling game about the  glimpses of scenery from a train window.

The game uses a deck of cards to provide writing prompts, offering fleeting images of the mysterious world on the other side of the glass as you travel to your destination, the last stop on the line.

Choose what you want to see next by naming a suit:

♠ Spades - Mystery 

Clubs - Urban  ♣

♢ Diamonds - Wonder  ♢ 

♡ Hearts - Personal 

Alternatively, draw randomly to let fate decide!

All you need to play is a standard 52-card deck, plus something to write with!

CW: Alcohol

(Cover image found at: https://tritontimes.com/3798/artsentertainment/creative-writing-train-ride/)

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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train to busan! try

I played this the other night, and loved the mix of realistic and paranormal-feeling prompts. I ended up telling a story that I never intended to when I began, and I guess that's the point isn't it? Very good concept, and super relaxing to just sit and let the prompts guide you. I really liked the mechanic of choosing what the theme of the next prompt would be, so when it feels time to add introspection or give yourself the creeps, you can do so easily. 

looks really cool